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Phil May e Dick Taylor falam da estreia dos Pretty Things em Portugal

Ainda comandados pelo vocalista Phil May e pelo guitarrista Dick Taylor, elementos originais, os Pretty  Things estreiam-se em Portugal com uma data única no Porto. Para fãs de todas as gerações, será, por um certo um brilhante resumo de uma carreira de 50 anos, marcada por vários álbuns seminais, que atravessam o r&b, o garage e o psych. Phil May, vocalista que acabou de completar 72 anos, e Dick Taylor, génio da guitarra que esteve na primeira formação dos Rolling Stones, enquanto baixista, lado a lado com Jagger e Keith Richard, aceitaram dar uma pequena entrevista à Cooperativa dos Otários, responsável pelo concerto de 15 de Novembro, no Cave 45. Aqui ficam as respostas e um agradecimento à cortesia de May e Taylor. 

1)What kind of image do you have from Portugal? Did you guys ever had a chance to play here? 

We strangely have never played in Portugal, as for my image of Portugal I think of Fado music and the great food I have had in Portuguese restaurants.

2)What can we expect from the gig in Porto? We know there is a new album to show… 

We shall be doing stuff from our early career, a tranche of psychedelia, acoustic blues and something from the new album, generally the emphasis will be on energy.

3)You are contemporary with some of the most iconic rock'n'roll figures. There are stories of you with Jagger or Keith Richards and Bowie never hided that he was an unconditional fan of Pretty Things. Do you want to share some others?

One thing that amuses me is that Phil is one of the few people who can bring a smile to Van Morrison's face. Of course we got to know a lot of in the sixties, it would not be unusual to bump into Jimmy Hendrix or Bob Dylan in a London after hours club. Incidentally Bob Dylan was so intrigued by the sounds of our first album that he asked us to spend the day with him, and when Steven Tyler heard our version of Roadrunner, he then knew what he wanted to do with the rest of his life.

4) You started side by side with the Stones. Did you miss the recognition they had or was it essential for you to get out of the comfort zone, to experiment and innovate with conceptual albums?

When we finished our three album deal with Fontana Records, we grabbed the chance to experiment and find our own musical direction, hence SF Sorrow.

5)What moves you at this point? What is the reason that keeps the Pretty Things on the road and what should we expect for future?

We still get the thrill of playing live. Particularly when we have audiences where there are young people. As for future plans, we have started on our new album and the date sheet for 2017 is filling up.

6)If you could choose two bands from other time and other two from nowadays to share the stage, who would be?

Phil says Hendrix and the Stones
Dick says The Doors and The Stax house band.
As for some current bands, we think Fleet Foxes and Kasabian.

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